3-2. Vélez defeated Talleres in the final of the ida in the Argentine series

BUENOS AIRES, Aug 3 (EFE).- Vélez Sarsfield won this home team a 3-2 victory over Talleres de Córdoba in the final of the first leg of the Argentine series in the four quarters of the Copa Libertadores final.

A double of Lucas Janson joined the spot in the slasher, while in the Uruguayan Michael Santos and Rodrigo Garro equalized the slasher in five minutes so that on the end Julián Fernández scored to sell Fortín’s triumph, who traveled to Córdoba for the rematch with a minimal gain.

With a complete Amalfitani stadium in its stands, Vélez del ‘Cacique’ Alexander Medina allows a victory to be reinforced that will be worth its location in this first leg between the three Argentine teams that follow in this international competition.

Watching the difference made the difference because he took care of the clock scored in just five minutes with Leonardo’s center Now, from the right of the jazarra, I found a clear shot by Lucas Janson by jason de cabeza after winning the jump on his marker Gastón Benavidez and leaving the possibility of reaction to doorman Guido Herrera.

In 26 minutes, a clash of heads dejó first to Nicolás Garayalde with the need to ask for the change and the ingress De Santiago Cáseres, and just a few minutes later it was the Uruguayan Christian Oliva for his place to take Rodrigo Garro.

On the end, the Colombian development took place Wilmar Rold recovered to VAR to analyze an infraction of Lucas Suárez on Walter Bou, who finally did not derive in minimum penalties and determined the match of both equals the attire only with the difference in favor of bail.

In the second half, Vélez was able to hold on to Talleres’ best attacking minutes, which had their peak culminating in a big slap from Lucas Hoyos before an action by Diego Valoyes.

In the next game Lucas Janson hit the ball in the crossbar, but in the 73rd minute a center from Jara found another sharp blow from Janson’s own head to stretch the advantage of the spot in the tanteador.

I stopped a perfect night for Vélez but in the rotation of the stool in the last change, Pedro Caixinha determined the entry of Michael Santos by Federico Girotti and in the first one that played in a center of Rodrigo Garro and behind the cabezazos el uruguayo won the resistance of Lucas Hoyos and established the report.

With this emotional atmosphere and in the 86th minute, four after the match, a great move by Matías Catalán just for the right of the team cordobés came in a shot that took Rodrigo Garro and with a shot from zurda in the upper right angle of Hoyos.

It looked like a drawn tie at the José Amalfitani stadium in the last breath of the match, Julián Fernández received a center back and with great quality he converted the third to sentence Vélez’s triumph.

In this way, Fortín wins in the vuelta before Talleres meeting that will play in the Mario Kempes de Córdoba stadium the next miércoles to define the Argentine semifinalist who will be measured with the winner of the Brazilian series that starred Flamengo y Corinthians.

– Datasheet:

3. Vélez Sarsfield: Vélez Sarsfield: Lucas Hoyos; Leonardo Jara, Matías De los Santos, Valentín Gómez and Francisco Ortega; Nicolás Garayalde (m.26, Santiago Cáseres) and Máximo Perrone; Luca Orellano (d.74, Julián Fernández), Walter Bou (d.93, Diego Godín), Lucas Janson (d.93, José Florentín); and Lucas Pratto (d.74, Abiel Osório).

Entrepreneur: Alexandre Medina.

2. Talleres de Córdoba: Guido Herrera; Gastón Benavídez, Matías Catalán, Lucas Suárez and Enzo Díaz (d.59, Diego Ortegoza); Rodrigo Villagra and Christian Oliva (d.38, Rodrigo Garro); Alan Franco (d.59, Rafael Pérez), Matías Godoy (d.59, Francisco Pizzini), Diego Valoyes; and Federico Girotti (d.77, Michael Santos).

Entrepreneur: Pedro Caixinha.

Goals: 1-0, m.5: Lucas Janson. 2-0, m.73: Lucas Janson. 2-1, m.81: Michael Santos. 2-2, m.86: Rodrigo Garro. 3-2, m.90: Julián Fernández.

Referee: Colombian Wilmar Roldán paid off Valentín Gómez, Leonardo Jara, Abiel Osorio, Christian Oliva, Enzo Díaz and Guido Herrera.

Incidence: the first leg of the four games of the Copa Libertadores final played at the José Amlfitani Stadium in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Liniers.

(c) EFE Agency

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