A Guide to Fashion Festivals for Plus Size Villains

Pulling all the stops for festival fashion is a tale as old as time (or at least as old as the indie sleaze era) and as social media grows, so too does our need to show off bright, spectacular outfits while bouncing around. from stage to stage. stage in random fields and parks. Unfortunately for us plus size attendees, some of the best festival looks on fast fashion websites either don’t come in our size or would trap us if we tried to wear them.

A festival can be a long day and involve sitting on the grass and bouncing around, so your outfit needs to be as flexible and comfortable as it stands out. So how do you tread the line between feeling fabulous and not having your chub massage ruin your day – not to mention being able to piss in a portaoo without needing 15 minutes to get back in shape? Hold on tight because I’ve put together a guide of tried-and-true outfit ideas from years of my own fun at fat festivals.

chic picnic

There is no more summery print than gingham. Easy to wear to a festival without feeling too over the top, I suggest pairing your gingham with a plain color to really make it pop. I chose white, which wouldn’t be a good idea at a festival with real grass, but Spring has been totally astroturfed this year. Punctuation.

With so much festival fashion seeming to center around a sassy sassy, ​​this is a great option for anyone who isn’t comfortable being a sexpot. Don’t forget to make sure your skirt is long enough to cover your chub rub shorts (unless you’re making them part of your look, ’80s style).

Animal print

In my world animal print is neutral, but I’m willing to admit it might not be for everyone. It is, however, easy to find in larger sizes and pairs perfectly with golden accessories for a glam, sopranos vibration. The midi style I prefer is just the ticket to make sure your butt and bits are covered when you’re sitting cross-legged on the floor at 3am. And no matter your bust size, everyone looks great in a crew neck. Wear with comfortable sneakers for Lily Allen’s vibes and her own comfort.

color block

The easiest way to look stylish is to pick two or three colors and assemble an entire outfit around them. When I found this red, white and blue Lazy Oaf top, it made perfect sense to buy a matching skirt and add some white sneakers to tie it all together. This is a slightly edgy look, but you can tone it down by choosing all the pastel shades. Black, white and a splash of color are also a classic version of color blocking.

bold prints

It’s not for the faint of heart, but a standout print on a stretchy, comfortable dress means you don’t have to play around with strapless bras or edgy styles to have a fun festival outfit. Because it stands out in its own right, I paired this fruity number with my Air Max and simple accessories. Swapping restrictive clothes for simpler pieces doesn’t mean you’ll be embarrassed, and with the right piece you can be the best dressed in the barrier.

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