Armed Forces must be a source of security for the sayings, not the other way around, Fachin

by Eduardo Simões

SAO PAULO (Reuters) – How the Armed Forces should be a source of security for the electoral process, and not the other way around, said on Friday the president of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), Edson Fachin, who was also emphatic in ensuring that the Electoral Justice will not accept impositions “of any order or of any authority”.

Fachin’s comments come at a time when members of the Forces’ summit are echoing the evidence without evidence raised against the electronic voting system by president and reelection candidate Jair Bolsonaro (PL). The participating military, at the invitation of the TSE, the Elections Transparency Commission and have alleged vulnerabilities in the system, rebutted by the TSE.

In a speech during a seminar at the Regional Electoral Court of Bahia, Fa repeated that the electronic voting system is “safe, transparent and auditable”, and those who attack without evidence are in a democracy.

“Dialogue with various and all forces of force is essential, whose primary purpose is to provide security, democracy to the State and important electoral process. What is expected of the security forces of Brazil and of the States, of the national forces. , regular and permanent is that they are the source of the electoral process, and not the other way around”, he said.

The 1988 Constitution, in the article dealing with the military, refers to the Armed Forces as “permanent and regular national institutions”.

Recently, the Minister of Defense, General Paulo Sérgio Nogueira, was envious of the letter to the TSE that granted “very urgent” access to the source code of electronic voting machines and had as a response the information that it had been made available since October last year.

In his speech, Fachin reiterated that source oppositions were made available a year before the general election and stated that the Electoral Justice dialogues, but does not accept im im.

“Our information technology data has been open to verification on the premises of the Superior Electoral Court since 2021,” he said, adding that the door to the October room at the TSE headquarters that houses the everyday open source code.

“Yes, dialogue, never intervention. A president of the Superior Electoral Court reiterates that he does not accept impositions of any order or authority”, he assured.

The president of TSE Justice also said that “democracy is eciable”, defended that it has a “positive agenda” to fulfill and, once again, guaranteed that the elections will take place and those elected by the Electoral.

“We will celebrate the condition of democracy of the Democratic State as the constitution and institutionality.

“Enough of the rhetoric of attacks, we have a positive agenda, we have an electoral calendar that we are complying with with the people, for the people it is already, it has already worked”, he added.

Fachin reminded civil society’s recent demonstrations yet and to vote.

“Having, like the times, a secure, transparent and auditable electronic justice system, whoever, without evidence, attacks it is attacking democracy, so Brazilian society itself stood up in favor and in defense of democracy.”

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