Best cycling gloves for grip and comfort reviewed



Whether it’s hot and sunny, stormy and humid, cold and icy – ​​cycling gloves can be a lifesaver when cycling.

Protecting your extremities is crucial when you’re on the go and cycling gloves should be part of your essential bike kit. Whether you’re a die-hard cyclist who considers himself the next Bradley Wiggins or Chris Hoy, or simply a Santander rider to get from A to B, heading out on your bike equipped with the right cycling gloves can change your experience.

Not only can they add extra comfort right down to your fingertips, but they’re great for keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer months. There’s a lot to choose from in the market and the final decision is up to you – we’ve just helped you find some of our favorites below to start your search.

What are the benefits of wearing cycling gloves?

Extra Handle: Grip fabrics and features on the palms of the gloves ensure a stable ride, with a strong connection to the handlebars and preventing any slipping.

Extra protection and comfort: Cycling gloves provide another layer between you and the handlebars, adding cushioning or padding to protect against harsh impacts. They may have shock absorbing properties to lessen any painful sensations and reduce any numbness or pins and needles sensation in your hands.

Sweat absorption: Many cycling gloves feature a cloth-like material, typically found on the thumb part, to wick away sweat while riding. This keeps it out of your face and out of your eyes.

Temperature adjustment: The materials used to make cycling gloves vary, but most have temperature-controlling properties to keep your hands warm when it’s cold, but cool when in warmer climates.

Weatherproof: The gloves can act as a raincoat for your hands in the rain, keeping them dry and preventing your hands from slipping, and they are also windproof to protect from strong winds.

Now read our pick of the best cycling gloves, useful for all your rides

Rapha Pro Team Gloves

Train in all conditions with these super lightweight fingerless cycling gloves from the leading brand Rapha.

Durable, water-resistant suede palms provide a great grip on the handlebars, while stretch fabric on the back of the hand with minimal seams and breathability will keep your hands soft and comfortable throughout your ride.

The thumb panel is pre-shaped for better articulation and the gloves range from XS to XL and are available in black or dark orange.

Buy now £50.00, Rapha

Proviz Classic waterproof cycling gloves

Don’t let the weather put you off with Proviz’s weatherproof cycling gloves; They’ll keep your hands dry and stuck to your bike with the waterproof layers and web-patterned silicone strap.

The brushed soft micro-fleece inner lining will keep your wrists to your fingertips warm, while the padded palms and adjustable cuffs will provide added comfort and a personalized fit.

They’re also touchscreen compatible, so there’s no need to struggle to see your messages or browse. Available in a fun range of colors from bright yellow and pink to blue and orange.

Buy Now £39.99, Proviz

Boardman’s Lightweight Gloves

These plain black gloves give your hands full coverage when riding a bike and are made from a breathable, lightweight and pleasant fabric.

The palms have integrated gel padding that absorbs any vibrations for maximum comfort and the ventilation areas keep your hands cool with the airflow constantly circulating.

They also have touchscreen-compatible finger tips to make using your smartphone when stationary much less complicated.

Buy Now £25.00, Halfords

GripGrab ProGel padded glove

These short finger gloves were designed with the help of active athletes and doctors to create padded palms to protect your hands while riding.

The expert DoctorGel spading system reduces pins and needles sensation / any numbness while providing grip and control on the handlebars.

Climb into your competitive cycling or daily commute and enjoy the freedom of movement, then simply take off with ease using the pull-tabs at the end of your journey.

Buy Now £35.95, Wiggle

Classic Rapha Gloves

Maybe a higher price, but when it comes to cycling gear, Rapha since 2004 has been making the best kit in the world – they know what they’re doing. These classic gloves are a prime example, offering a lightweight but full-fingered option for your hands.

The palms are made from sheepskin for added grip and the gloves are finished with a DWR (durable water repellent) treatment to protect from wind, cold and rain.

There is a microfiber nose tissue on your thumb which can come in very handy when you have sweat running down your face.

Buy now £80.00, Rapha

Santini Maillot Jaune Tour De France 2022 cycling gloves

Santini, the official apparel partner of the Tour de France, has created a new brand ‘Maillot Jaune’ to celebrate the race’s history. Grab part of the collection with these gloves – great for all conditions and types of riders; they cling to your handlebars and ride in comfort and style.

Super lightweight and breathable to keep you cool and airy as you move, they also have anti-shock palms to take away any numbness.

Buy Now £27.00, Evans Cycles

Altura Nightvision windproof gloves

Improve your visibility when it gets dark thanks to Altura’s night vision gloves, with reflective details to ensure you’re seen safely. Made from a three-layer softshell fabric, they also provide a comfortable, soft fit to keep your hands warm and protected from the wind. Touchscreen compatible too.

Buy Now £17.50, Halfords

Triban road cycling gloves

A best seller at an affordable price, these Triban gloves are a great choice for everyday road cycling. With a simple, practical design in black, they offer foam cushioning in the palms for a comfortable grip and are made from a lightweight spandex fabric on the outside for breathability and a soft touch experience.

Buy Now £4.99, Decathlon

Castelli Arenberg Gel 2 Gloves

Walk like a pro in these stylish Castelli gloves. Featuring the brand’s iconic Castelli Damping System (CDS), the gloves have a unique palm construction with a thoughtful distribution of gel cushioning to protect from any unwanted impact from uneven surfaces and uneven roads underneath. Adapt to your wrist using the adjustable strap and feel the micromesh on your back, keeping your hands cool. There is also a microsuede nose tissue on the thumb which is sensitive to all skin types.

Buy Now £29.00, Sigma Sports

Giro unisex cycling gloves for adults X

Bury your hands in three layers of protection with Giro’s cycling gloves – the RainGuard membrane covers a durable nylon outer shell with a hypoallergenic lining on the inside. You get your hands warm and waterproof, protected from the cold, wind and rain, but still allowing for great flexibility. The pair features a non-slip grip, a seamless grip and touchscreen technology.

Buy now £49.99, Amazon

Luroon Luroon Half Finger Gel Padded Bike Gloves

Made of high-stretch lycra and mesh mesh with non-slip suede on the palms, Luroon’s shock-absorbing gloves are ideal for walking around. the thumb part to wipe away any dripping sweat. Choose from your colorful selection, all with reflective warning strips on the back for increased visibility at dusk.

Buy now £11.99, Amazon

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