Check the results of the second week of matches in the BFA League

Check the results of the second week of matches in the BFA League

The second week of the Brazilian Football League (Liga BFA) had four games this Sunday (19/6). Despite being a state classic, the big surprise of the round was the victory of the Canoas Bulls over Porto Alegre Pumpkins after a devastating first half. In addition, Sergipe Rendentores beat the current champions of the Northeast Cup, Jangadeiros FA, and Istepós FA had a beautiful debut away from home. Finally, Recife Apaches had no problems to win their first triumph in the competition.

Southern Conference
In the classic Gaucho, the Canoas Bulls surprised and beat the Porto Alegre Pumpkins, by 18 to 13, at Marítimo-Ulbra, in Canoas. Home time started with everything and soon in the fourth he got a fumble, with Júlio Villarreal and opened the first score. The extra point was not converted.

In the second quarter, the Bulls extended the score with Ricardo Júnior after a beautiful pass from Mexican quarterback Jonathan Buenrostro. Once again, the kick was blocked. But despite that, Canoas remained unstoppable and extended the score before the break. After a good action by the defense, the ball returned to Canoas. In one run, Ariel scored another TD for home time. The score was 18-0 for the Bulls.

On the way back to Porto Alegre, a reaction, but a very fast time lasted a long time. Time scored a touchdown in the third quarter. The visitors attempted a two-point conversion, but it failed. In the last period, the Pumpkins scored another TD, but the victory went to the Canoas Bulls.

In the next match, Canoas Bulls will face Santa Maria Soldiers on July 10th, in Canoas-RS. Porto Alegre Pumpkins will attempt rehabilitation against Joinville Gladiators, at Grêmio Whirlpool, Joinville.

In the other conference game, Istepós FA had a great debut and defeated União da Serra, by 42 to 7, in the CT of União da Serra, in Farroupilha-RS. In the next match, Iste measures forces, against Timbó-Rex in São José. In turn, União da Serra receives Bulldogs FA, again at home.

Northeast Conference
Playing at home, Sergipe Redentores defeated Jangadeiros FA, 17-10, at João Cruz stadium, in Barra dos Coqueiros-SE. But despite the victory, the visiting time was the one to remove the zero from the score of the Redentores, who were the first to offer security for Jangadeiro FA. In the second room, the turn. A touchdown and the conversion of the extra point. Then, the home team extended with a field goal. The match went to halftime with the score 10-2 for the Redeemers.

In the last quarter, the match was exciting. Jangadeiros FA scored a TD with Douglas. The team also managed a two-point conversion. The score was 10-10. But house time scored one more touchdown and scored the extra point to ratify the victory.

Sergipe Redendores face Santana Redbulls in their next commitment in the BFA League. The match will be held at João Cruz stadium, in Barra dos Coqueiros-SE, on July 10th. In turn, Jangadeiros FA tries to rehabilitate against Maceió Marechais, at Sesi Cambona, on July 3rd.

Closing the round, Recife Apaches beat Maceió Marechais, 22-8, at Arena Pracinha, in Cabo de Santo Agostinho-PE. Home time played a sovereign game and led the match from start to finish.
The next confrontation between Recife Apaches is scheduled for July 10, against América Bulls, in Rio Grande do Norte. Maceió Marechais tries to recover against Jangadeiros FA, at Sesi Cambona, on July 3rd.

game on saturday
Marking the beginning of the second week of the Brazilian Football League (Liga BFA), Joinville Gladiators went to São José dos Pinhais, Paraná, and defeated Moon Howlers, 14-9, at Moacir Tomelin stadium, this Saturday afternoon. (6/18). The Gladiators’ TDs were scored by João Felipe Gama and quarterback Samuel Rodrigues.
Joinville Gladiators’ next match in the BFA League will be against Porto Alegre Pumpkins, on July 9, at Grêmio Whirlpool, in the city of Santa Catarina. In turn, Moon Howlers try to recover against Canoas Bulls, at Moacir Tomelin Stadium, on July 23rd.

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