“Creating a brand after the march of great players is a straight”

“Creating a brand after the march of great players is a straight”

Madrid, Jun 21 (EFE).- Jorge Garbajosa, president of the Spanish Federation of Baloncesto, said this martes that “it is a straight to create a new brand after the march of great players” such as Laia Palau, Sergio Rodríguez or los hermanos Gasol y he assured that, at the level of sponsorship, “every time it is mayor la apuesta por el deporte femina” he also assured that “it still costs”.

The exjugador madrileño de baloncesto retired in June 2012 and, since July 2016, he has directed the federation that will win in elections in which other candidates prevail.

“Since 2016 joins the federation, the most important thing you want to know about the organization of events, of major championships, because you want to know that it was a sign of identity. vienen al caso, because a sponsor needs other supports to expose their commitment”, said Garbajosa, during the EFE Sport Business Days on ‘Sponsorship deportivo’ known in Madrid.

“A great championship can be a good reason to sponsor, it’s a small gift and a detail for you to see with the primer, in 2018, the World Cup in Tenerife, the World Cup in Tenerife, where there were 20,000 more children who played balloncesto If together you see that you are irrevocable”, he confessed.

“From 2018 until 2023, which ends in the cycle, we will be the federation of balloncesto around the world that has more organized championships. sponsor has bad reasons to stay”, manifesto.

Garbajosa assured that “in the midst of a pandemic, when it seemed that the world had ended, I had very loyal and aggressive companies in the market that needed a call quickly”. In this sense, he mentioned Finetwork, Endesa and CaixaBank.

“In sport, it cannot guarantee success or guarantee that you will be a champion, but you can offer prestige, reputation, transparency and illusion. In management you have to be model and transparent and have the ability to generate expectations”, señal.

“In baloncesto we have three great suertes. The players are good people, the NBA is a help, it is there that best knows how to explain the business that it is important to have been a cook before that fraile”, confessed Garbajosa, who bromeó con que ” “Some of the players who are in the United States have more money in their contract than the federation has.”

The top leader of the Federación Española de Baloncesto also had on the sponsorship of women’s sports and recognized that, “aunque ha crecido, aún cuesta” to grow in this line.

“Our sponsorship model has some characteristics and it is when we sponsor it with everything, even if each one has its vertical. For example, CaixaBank 3×3 that goes to many cities. son las mismas but respect for five years has grown a lot. Notes that each time there is a mayor apuesta”, manifestó.

The possibility of access to a tax exemption for female sports patrons is a herrement with the hope of increasing the visibility and positioning of sports women.

“There is a time when it is time to promote women’s sport and you have this fiscal tool you have a working capacity. Is it the herramientie mayie? Probably not, but in case you do not eliminate it”, he subrayed.

The reorganization that caused the pandemic in the way of conceiving patrons and mandatory marketing for many companies and entities, such as FEB, to seek new formulas.

In the middle of a pandemic, in March 2020, the world ended. Empezamos to invent and create a new model. We had conversations with our sponsors and players and we called to give more feedback with a questionnaire to Marc Gasol than with a match. The digital return for companies is absolutely decisive”, he commented.

One of the straights that has the federation is to ensure the media renewal of “totem players” such as the brothers Gasol, Sergio Rodríguez or Laia Palau.

“Dejan the baloncesto and the selection in turn, with which you see the commitment that it has. You are people who have transcended sport and it is difficult to replace being competitive by being attractive and creating brands. un straight. You don’t have to be calm, but it’s passionate”, he concludes.

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