DeGrom hace history, Arenado frustra a los Yanquis y los Dodgers enrollan a los Padres

Chicago (USA), Aug 7 (EFE).- Jacob DeGrom, pitcher for the New York Mets, hit candy this Sunday on his return to Citi Field and sold Yu Darvish’s record of ‘strikes’ in 200 matches of Major Leagues, in a journey in which Nolan Arenado and the Saint Louis Cardenales extended the fall of the Yanquis of Nueva York.

The Sunday of the Major Leagues saw the authoritative 4-0 triumph of the Los Angeles Dodgers against the San Diego Padres del Dominican Juan Soto and Josh Bell, all a blow to the National League.

The Angelino team remained solid at the command of Nacional with a balance of 75-33, pursued by the Mets of Nueva York (70-39), although, in la Americana, the Yanquis suffered their fifth defeat and followed the leaders in the solitary Solo thanks the loss of the Houston Astros against the Cleveland Guardians.


Jacob DeGrom had a history at Citi Field that punched a sweet rival and surpassed Yu Darvish’s strike record (1,517) as the player with the most eliminations in 200 games in Major Leagues.

DeGrom, who hasn’t started a party at Citi Field since the start of a year, soloed one hit and two career wins in 5.2 episodes on the mound.

The 34-year-old pitcher returned to the past on August 2, 2018 from a massive casualty from a right shoulder blade fracture suffered during spring meetings.

Good morning also to Dominican pitcher Joey Rodríguez, who conceded a solo hit and punched a four in 2.1 innings.

With this Sunday’s triumph, the Mets won four matches of the five matches in the series against the Braves.


The American, of Cuban origin, Nolan Arenado starred in the vibrant 12-9 triumph of the Cardenales against the Yanquis, in one of the rivalries of the greatest tradition in the Great Leagues.

With the Yanquis ahead 4-3, Arenado connected a powerful three-course match that changed the inertia of the match and opened the way for the Cardenales to triumph in the only afternoon at Busch Stadium.

Paul DeJong put the final sentence with a new wonderful quadrangular of three races that hooked to the Cardenales in a game of four hours and 25, the longest of the second season of the minutes published by the MLB.

The successive Saints of Saint Louis prolong their great moment in form with their seventh victory, the third against the Yanquis who have accumulated five defeats in a row.


Los Dodgers won by palisading the San Diego Padres (4-0) and confirmed the dominance seen in this series, which ended with a full set of victories, three out of three (8-1, 8-3 and 4-0).

The stellar additions of Dominicans Juan Soto and Josh Bell, which spark the priests’ ambitions, don’t stop the Dodgers from confirming their dominance in the National League.

Ty Anderson shines from the mound, giving solo hits and ponchar in three in seven entries.

Los Dodgers had as evidence the Padres pitcher Sean Manaea and, with a quadrangular from Cody Bellinger, the first of two in the afternoon, and a career from Mookie Betts, which started the triumph.


Los Azulejos de Toronto tied the series against the Mellizos with a career extra-inning victory provided by Whit Merrifield, after the Minnesotans rebuilt their disadvantaged careers with a big reaction in the eighth and ninth innings.

Puerto Rican José Miranda and Venezuelan José Arráez boosted the two races with the two sencillos in the eighth and novena entries, respectively.

Previously, the Dominican Teoscar Hernández recorded the first career of los Mellizos and the Cuban Lourdes boosted with a sencillo of the career of Cavan Biggio.


Journey results:

Astros Guardians 1-0

Orioles-Pirates 1-8

Filis-Nationales 13-1

Lightning Tigers 0-7

Reales-Medias Rojas 13-5

Cerveceros-Rojos 2-4

Mellizos-Azulejos 2-3

Cardenales-Yanquis 12-9

Marlins 0-3 puppies

Rangers-Medias Blancas 2-8

Athletic-Giants 4-6

Diamondbacks-Rockies 6-4

Mets-Brave 5-2

Marineros-Angelinos 6-3

Dodgers-Padres 4-0.

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