Exclusive – Ex-British No. 1 on whether Novak Djokovic should play in the US Open

Novak Djokovic Credit: PA Images

Former British No. 1 Jo Durie believes it will be a “real shame” if Novak Djokovic is unable to play at the US Open, as debate over his hopes of participating in New York continues.

Djokovic reaffirmed his status as one of the game’s giants with an impressive win at Wimbledon last month, but he is currently banned from entering the US for not being vaccinated against Covid-19.

A campaign has picked up pace to allow Djokovic to play in the 2022 Grand Slam final, with Durie seeing both sides of the argument as he spoke to Tennis365 in her role as an ambassador for the 15 Love NFT Collection.

“What a mess at the beginning of the year in Australia. Poor communication and it was very difficult for him,” Durie reflected.

“Now we have the US Open and he can’t go there. He dropped out of Canadian (Open) because he is not vaccinated.

“He’s so strong mentally with the things he wants to do, but it seems difficult at the moment. It’s unfortunate. Those are the rules in America right now.

“Most countries have opened now, but who am I to say (if he should be allowed to play)? It’s a shame he can’t play at the moment, because obviously he would be the favourite.”

Djokovic may be “preparing as if he could compete” at the US Open, but his coach Goran Ivanisevic says he has “zero hope” that the 21-time Grand Slam winner will play at Flushing Meadows.

“There is always hope, Novak will do anything to be there, maybe get a special visa. But only two weeks ago. And personally I have no hope that [Joe] Biden will change the rules before the tournament starts,” he said. La Republica.

“To me it’s all nonsense and bullshit: if you are vaccinated but positive, you can enter the United States. If you are not vaccinated, but you are negative, you will be banned. There is a lot of politics in sport.”

Launched by former BBC Apprentice star Sabrina Stocker and her brother Kyle, the brothers are sharing their passion for tennis and looking to spark interest in the game from a whole new audience.

15 Love started his journey during Wimbledon by initially launching an NFT project for tennis fans. Holders of our NFT will receive a unique digital tennis racket, with unique rarities and utility, as well as benefiting from all the features of being part of this NFT project.

“A lot of people like to collect stamps or art and NFTs a little bit like that and we’re doing utility NFTs,” Sabrina told Tennis365.

“With 15 Love NFT, you get the chance to meet our ambassadors like Jo Durie and our other ambassadors. Access to virtual real-life and metaverse events to meet everyone in our community and that’s what we’re creating.

“People don’t know what NFTs are and there are a lot of scams out there, but we are looking forward to increasing participation in tennis. How can we get more people involved in tennis.

“As a youngster, I would love to have the chance to speak with one of the best coaches in the game and what our NFTs do is buy that access.

“The NFT football market is worth over a billion dollars and in tennis we are at the beginning and it is very exciting to have people like Jo Durie to embark on this journey with us.”

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