Floods met over 40 dead in India and Bangladesh

Monsoons, atmospheric phenomena, atmospheric phenomena in regions of Asia that were caused by more than 40 deaths in India and affirmed in Bangladesh, Thursday of the million days of Saturday, fairs, dates, dates and dates, in regions of Asia, which were provoked for over 40 years in India and claimed in Bangladesh Thursday of the Million Saturdays.

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According to weather forecasts, heavy rains are expected to worsen over the next two days in Bangladesh and North East India. As regions regularly threaten each region, however, experts say that climate change is increasing frequently, the severity and rapidity of the phenomenon.

To AFP, Bangladeshi police warned that, since Friday, relations during November 21. Among them were three boys aged between 12 and 14 in the town of Nandail, local police chief Mizanur Rahman said.

According to the authorities, four people were hit by the earth barriers created by other people.

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On Thursday Meghalaya state in the state of land and in less than 16 people died in the state of Meghalaya on Thursday in the state of land and in less than 16 people, stated Conrad Sangma, India of his state on Twitter.

In addition to these five consecutive days of rains, more than 1.8 million people in the Indian state of Assam were made homeless after the rains. The governor of the state, Himanta Biswa Sarma, asked the authorities to provide “all the relief and rescue equipment”.

In Bangladesh, floods forced the closure of the country’s third-largest international airport, located in the city of Sylhet, on Friday. The situation in the region worsened on Saturday morning after an increase in rainfall on Friday afternoon, said Mosharraf Hossain, chief administrator of the region’s government.

“The situation is bad. More than four million people located by the floods,” he said, adding that almost the entire region was without power.

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Much of northeastern Bangladesh is under water and troops have been sent by the government to evacuate people sent from isolated areas. They were converted into emergency shelters to house the inhabitants of several schools in several hours.

On Friday morning, the entire underwater and village observed — everyone was. After waiting all day on the roof of our house, a neighbor rescued us with a makeshift boat. My mother said she had never seen a flood like this in her life — contour Lokman, a 23-year-old whose family lives in the village of Companyganj.

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