‘I still fight for my voice’, says Lúcia Veríssimo about machismo in deep Brazil

*** FILE PHOTO *** SÃO PAULO, SP, 09.08.2017: SHOW-SP - Actress Lúcia Veríssimo at the opening of the Cantoras Musicais project, with the show

*** FILE PHOTO *** SÃO PAULO, SP, 09.08.2017: SHOW-SP – Actress Lúcia Veríssimo at the opening of the Cantoras Musicais project, with the show

SÃO PAULO, SP (FOLHAPRESS) – Lúcia Veríssimo, 64, has been selecting her audiovisual works a lot. The last one in front of the cameras had been in “Amor à Vida” (Globo), from 2013. Therefore, her presence in “Rensga Hits”, a Globoplay series that premiered this week, -and pleased – many.

The actress, who lives on a farm far from the big recording studios, explains that the possibility of exploring this rural universe was fundamental for her to accept the project. “I really am a woman from the countryside, I am a farmer and I live this sertanejo universe”, she explains in a chat with journalists.

But what excited her the most was approaching it from a female perspective. “I still fight for that”, she comments about the sexist perspective that permeates this environment. “Here on the farm, I fight all the time so that the woman has a voice. To this day they think that we don’t have to say anything, that we have to be there driving the stove.”

Veríssimo recalls that he was a precursor in uniting the urban and rural universes and that he even won the title of queen for life of pedestrians. Now, she plays Maria Abadia (Bad for the intimate), the mother of the protagonist, Raíssa, played by Alice Wegmann. In the plot, she had no help from the girl’s father to raise her.

“Bad is a very suffering person, she has a story that left her in a very complicated life situation, pregnant in a small town, she raised her daughter alone with the help of her two sisters, who I call the Cajazeiras of those today”, she says, referring to – the characters Maria Alvina (Stella Miranda) and Maria Amália (Guida Vianna).

“They support this family for Raíssa”, he says. As her life fell apart, the only positive thing she had was a daughter. place she considers safe.”

Raíssa, however, ends up going to the capital of Goiás to try to fulfill her dream of making a living from music after a heartbreak. In her luggage, she takes some of these women who educated her. “Raíssa took a bit of each one”, comments Veríssimo.

“We are Raíssa’s bed, where this flower sprouted”, agrees Stella Miranda, who lives the dazzled Alvina. “What Raíssa gets from Alvina is this impetus to fly with the music. When we see Raíssa’s thunderous, Alvina gets hysterical with happiness. It’s the dream she never managed to fulfill.”

The actress remembers that she also has a history with this universe. “I activate a country duo called Chicotinho and Salto Alto”, she says. “When the invitation came, even though it wasn’t from the characters who sing, I accepted because I have a country soul.”

Guida Vianna says that she was not so familiar, but that she liked to participate in a series that talks about the interior of Brazil. “We’ve had recent successes, like the book ‘Torto Arado’ and the novel ‘Pantanal’, which leaves a little bit of urban Brazil, so ‘Rensga’ confirms that”, she says. “I wasn’t very historical in the sertanejo, for me it was a revelation. I love the songs and have learned a lot from this one.”


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Cast: Alice Wegmann, Lorena Comparato, Deborah Secco, Fabiana Karla, Maíra Azevedo, Jeniffer Dias, Lúcia Veríssimo, Stella Miranda and Guida Vianna, among others

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