“I went to a party in Athens, if I could not commit the same mistake”

Paris, Jun 28 (EFE).- The French international base and Real Madrid player Thomas Heurtel confessed in an interview with French media L’Équipe that “if I could go back, I wouldn’t make the mistake” of leaving the party on the eve of a Euroleague party spent March 30 in Athens, for which he was separated until June.

“In the context, we chained together a series of defeats. When I remember, it saddens me. It was a bad decision and it destroyed what I would build with a great club like Real Madrid”, expressed Heurtel.

The 33-year-old Madrid base denied, however, that this night is as much as something his teammates arrived at the hotel when it dawns, as an indication of some information.

Real Madrid lost the Euroleague final against Efes on May 21, but Pablo Laso did not serve Heurtel’s court with the ACB semifinal against Baskonia in early June, after three minutes.

After that, the Frenchman lost in the final against Barcelona due to an injury to the tobillo during a training session.

“It is already confirmed that it was possible to dock, in just one, twenty minutes. La Final a Four was a sueño, after several years having gone to the gates of the y had hopes of playing with the injury of Nigel Williams-Goss, event by Pablo Laso had made a decision and was paying attention to it. I had to accept it”, he concludes.

Despite the bitter end to the season, Heurtel believes that his season with Club Blanco was “correct”.

“We went to the first ones in all competitions. At the end, people are left with the last image and with the fact that in the jugue during the months, but they don’t reflect my season faithfully”, he lamented.

The player has a good relationship with Laso, although the atmosphere cooled down after his outing in Athens: “I felt bad. Pablo confided in me he had given sunza and I had betrayed him”.

Heurtel is looking for a club that can demonstrate that it is “worthy of his trust” after Real Madrid was refused to keep him for the following season. The madridista club llegó brings a controversial file when he provided his services at FC Barcelona.

About his success in the club, Heurtel says that the trainer Sarunas Jasikevicius did not want to be in the team, but I wanted to demonstrate what it was worth, and in place of only he placed it in a “delicate” position.

I am looking for an exit and its agents initiating conversations with Real Madrid without Barcelona being involved in this negotiation. When the club was discovered he was in Istanbul to face Efes.

“We are going. Te quedas. We bought a boleto de avión for mañana”, are the words that Heurtel says that were received by the club at the door of the travel bus to Spain when entering its negotiations with Real Madrid.

The player recognizes that he should have communicated to Barcelona with who he was in talks, since the Catalanes believed that his negotiations were with Fenerbahçe.

Make sure that Barcelona has always been clear and honest with him, although after the arrival of Sarunas Jasikevicius every change.

“After the Istanbul incident, I don’t know. Fue muy duro para mí y mi familia”, he concludes.

Now, with the great experience of Juegos Olímpicos de Tokio, from France that made the sub-champion, Heurtel’s main objective is to be called up to compete in Eurobasket in September with the French team.

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