Johnny Depp Fans Outraged At Disney For Using His Face In Pirates Of The Caribbean Light Show After Winning Trial

Johnny Depp Fans Outraged At Disney For Using His Face In Pirates Of The Caribbean Light Show After Winning Trial

Johnny Depp fans are demanding that Disney apologize after the actor’s face was used in a light show at Disneyland in Paris, France.

O Pirates of the Caribbean The light show took place over the weekend as Depp was on tour with British musician Jeff Beck following his victory in the libel trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard.

After a clip of the Paris light show went viral online, Depp’s fans shared outrage that Disney would use his likeness as Captain Jack Sparrow after he was pulled from the show. pirates franchise following Ms. heard.

“Since Johnny Depp won, Disney needs to publicly apologize.” The Twitter user wrote.

“@Disney a public apology would be better,” another person tweeted.

Another account holder wrote: “how are you using this man’s name but refusing to apologize to him?”

“This makes me emotional but they need to stop exploiting his image considering how they treated him,” commented one Instagram user.

During the trial, Depp’s lawyers sought to show that his departure from the franchise was directly linked to a Washington Post op-ed Ms Heard wrote about being an abuse survivor.

A jury handed down a June 1 verdict in the defamation trial between the former couple, awarding Depp $8.35 million after they determined Heard defamed him in the past. Publish editorial entitled “I spoke out against sexual violence – and faced the wrath of our culture. That has to change”.

Although Heard did not name Depp directly, he argued that the implication referencing their marriage was clear and that he lost film roles as a result.

Depp and Heard’s former talent agent said on the witness stand that he believes Heard’s allegations cost Depp the job of playing Captain Sparrow in the sixth part of the film. pirates franchise.

“My opinion is that Amber’s accusations would have the most dramatic impact on her off-screen reputation. I’m not talking about any specific charges,” said Christian Carino, who started working for Depp in late 2016 during the trial in April.

Later, one of Heard’s lawyers asked Carino if Depp had missed out on any film roles since he started working for the actor.

“I would say yes,” he said. “In the next pirates movie.” He noted that Depp played Jack Sparrow in five previous films in the franchise and that he thinks he lost the role in the sixth film because of Heard’s allegations of abuse.

He added that he bases this belief on conversations he’s had with people in the film industry. He remembered talking to pirates producer Jerry Bruckheimer, and that Disney was having trouble hiring Depp.

Asked by Heard’s lawyers if Bruckheimer had said why Disney had problems hiring Depp, Carino said, “No, not specifically, but it was understood,” adding that he didn’t ask because he didn’t feel the need to.

“Everyone was aware,” he said, adding that he was referring to those involved in making the decision. He clarified that Bruckheimer did not “specifically” say that Depp was being dropped from the film because of the allegations.

In his own testimony, Depp said he felt “betrayed” by the company.

“Having added so much of myself, so much of my own rewriting, the dialogue, the scenes, the jokes, I didn’t quite understand how, after that long relationship and a successful relationship with Disney, I was suddenly guilty even be proved. innocent,” Depp said.

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