live score and latest updates

live score and latest updates

Netherlands vs England third ODI: live scores and latest updates - REUTERS/Piroschka Van De Wouw

Netherlands vs England third ODI: live scores and latest updates – REUTERS/Piroschka Van De Wouw

10:42 am

ABOVE 10: NED 47/1 (O’Dowd 20 Cooper 17)

Payne shuffles the seam to slant one through O’Dowd, who chases after him and is two coats of linseed oil for cutting it. Payne tries the short, O’Dowd, like Singh, chooses to pull his front foot and manages to fend it off with one hand by four as his bottom hand comes loose with the force of his swing.

That’s the end of Powerplay.

10:39 am

OVER 9: NED 38/1 (O’Dowd 14 Cooper 15)

Two fantastic punches from Cooper, both on the front foot. The former is as elegant as Burlington Bertie, passed out long enough for four, while Willey keeps the ball full. The second comes when Willey tries the slower ball. And why not? As fast as he could for Singh, Cooper picks him up and pumps him through the extra cover for four.

The final ball is short and on your hip. He tucks it around the corner to the third edge of the lot.

10:34 am

ABOVE 8: NED 24/1 (O’Dowd 13 Cooper 2)

If it weren’t for Payne’s debut and he wasn’t such a genius soul, he might add Adil Rashid to his list. O’Dowd opens his face to move on to the third man, where Rashid rushes to collect it and lets it slip through his legs by four. Nuts!

10:32 am

ABOVE 7: NED 20/1 (O’Dowd 9 Cooper 2)

Just one of each outside Willey’s fourth over, both using the inswing to tickle the inside.

10:30 AM

ABOVE 6: NED 18/1 (O’Dowd 8 Cooper 1)

An incident rarely seen, at least on this level. Livingstone is positioned perfectly in the middle of the short wicket to catch Cooper’s top edge as he tries to pull Payne. But she juts into the sun and he loses sight of her, does an evasive action and the ball lands about six inches away from mocking him on the head. They run a single. Payne, an understanding soul, rushes over to pat him. Just as Jimmy or Stuart Broad would have done…

England's David Payne is presented with his first game by batting coach Mark Alleyne during the 3rd One Day International between the Netherlands and England at the VRA Cricket Ground - Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

England’s David Payne is presented with his first game by batting coach Mark Alleyne during the 3rd One Day International between the Netherlands and England at the VRA Cricket Ground – Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

10:24 am

ABOVE 5: NED 16/1 (O’Dowd 7 Cooper 0)

‘Photo of the day!’ as Richie Benaud used to say. After Willey sends the match wide second, he hangs one outside O’Dowd’s stump and the right-hander takes two steps towards him and covers him for four.

Willey isn’t fast, but he is when you try to pull him with your front foot, which is what Singh tried to do… and paid the price.

10:20 am


Singh c Malan b Willey 6 Dave Willey catches him for the third time in the series. The tall southpaw looked down all morning and didn’t do justice to his talent in any of the matches. Willey shoots a security guard in Singh’s body. He doesn’t have room to pull, he thinks he has, fiddles with the top edge corner through the seam and the short midwicket runs to catch a dip. FOW 1/16

10:16 am

OVER 4: NED 10/0 (Singh 6 O’Dowd 2)

The Netherlands are shaken by the movement and the number of point balls. Singh rehearses a ‘What the heck’ swish on one tail and the edge on the slips by four. Payne goes lower, Singh elbows him, misses, uses it on his hip and limps goodbye.

O’Dowd gets praise for having a slip removed. They want him to direct, which he does, for a single. Why not keep two while Payne is bowling him so full and in such good shape?

10:12 am

OVER 3: NED 3/0 (Singh 2 O’Dowd 1)

Dominic Cork leans out of the comments box and congratulates David Payne on a first-rate ticket. Your advice? “Take a wicket early, mate.” Well, enough.

More swing for Willey and some sewing movement as well for southpaw Singh, who is standing on the outside of the leg to allow him to swing his arms across the line for anything. This is how he wins the lone single, squirting it from the ledge to the third man.

10:08 am

MORE THAN 2: NED 2/0 (Singh 1 O’Dowd 1)

Gloucestershire’s David Payne, who received his cap from former Glorse captain Mark Alleyen this morning, receives the other new ball. He is fast – 84 mph, and very full bowls, allowing the ball to form naturally. He starts with a test maiden finding the inside edge of O’Dowd’s bat and the opener pees but frustrated with the last ball and has a breezy yahoo but misses for miles.

10:05 am

MORE THAN 1: NED 2/0 (Singh 1 O’Dowd 1)

Vikramjit Singh gets the score rolling by cutting a cut to the third man by a single. Good jump from the new field for David Willey. They take a slip for O’Dowd and almost immediately regret it when someone comes up on the right, takes the shoulder of the bat and flies between the second and third slip. Could have been run over with a flying jump…possibly. They run a single.

10:01 am

The openers are out

And once again England has an attack with the left arm. Willey will catch the first new ball.

9:45 am

while we are waiting

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9:42 am

Netherlands also makes two changes

Fred Klaassen and Paul van Meekeren, as expected, join Shane Snater and Vivian Kingma. No more family feuds for Snater with Jason Roy.

Vikramjit Singh, Max O’Dowd, Tom Cooper, Bas de Leede, Scott Edwards (capt/wk), Teja Nidamanuru, Logan van Beek, Tim Pringle, Aryan Dutt, Paul van Meekeren, Fred Klaassen.

9:40 am

Two moves to England

Sam Curran (not Luke Wood) replaces Eoin Morgan; David Payne replaces Reece Topley.

England lines up like this:

Jason Roy, Phil Salt, Dawid Malan, Jos Buttler (captain/week), Liam Livingstone, Moeen Ali, Sam Curran, David Willey, Brydon Carse, Adil Rashid, David Payne.

9:38 am

England won the draw

And put Holland.

9:34 am

Good Morning

And welcome to coverage of the glorious Amstelveen’s third ODI. Eoin Morgan, after two ducks in two innings so far on the tour, is down with a groin injury which, given the injury, forced Dutch captain Pieter Seelaar into retirement after just one game in the series, is not a country for old leaps. .

England’s band, a mix of white-ball and irregular cricket aristocracy members, played well and, predictably, took Holland away, but that’s not the point. If we want cricket to thrive we have to support not only its spread but also its development, and the visit from England gives the Dutch not only experience but TV, ground and catering recipes to continue their excellent work. And who can say that someone has dishonored himself. There were some very good performances, most notably from new captain Scott Edwards, Tim Vincent and Max O’Dowd, while Bas de Leede showed his enormous potential, more with the ball than the bat so far. Yes, it has been expensive, but a pace like this will always give you work.

And today they welcome back some players from their county who played in the championship during the first two ODIs: Paul van Meekeren and Fred Klaassen, which should give more balance to the attack and greater threat.

We’ve got a new pitch today, too, that should suit Luke Wood if he gets burned out, if they choose to manage Reece Topley’s workload. The Toppers’ Jnr never seems like the kind of guy who would be happy to be told to rest, but it’s in his and England’s best interests to have him available for both World Cups.

The game starts at 10. And we’ll have news of the draw and formations soon.

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