‘Minimum salt will rise above inflation’, promises Lula

Lula promised to readjust the minimum wage above inflation if elected. (Photo: EVARISTO SA/AFP via Getty Images)

O Former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) supporters in Campina Grande (PB) this Tuesday (2) and once again defended the annual readjustment of the minimum wage above inflation.

This is one of the main points of divergence between the PT and the current president Jair Bolsonaro (PL)that comes the policy of replacing the purchasing power of the base salary without salary adjustment higher than inflation. That is: without increasing real.

“The minimum wage will rise again every year above inflation. I want it for you loud and clear, that all organized categories will receive I say above inflation at the time of the agreement”, promised Lula, in a heated speech.

O minimum wage of BRL 1,212 in 2022 did not replace last year’s inflation. According to the National Price Index (INPC), an indicator that corrects the minimum wage, recorded a 10% increase in 2021, above the 10.02% readjustment given in the minimum wage. The difference is BRL 0.70, or BRL 1, if BRL is rounded, going to BRL 1,213.

According to the government, for every BRL 1 in the minimum wage, expenses with social benefits and Social Security at the floor increase by BRL 364.8 million.

Here’s how the last polls of 2022 went:

From 2002 to 2016, the readjustment of the minimum wage had real increases that ranged from 13.4% (2006) to 0.36% (2016). Since then, based on data from Dieese, the most significant real increase was registered in January 2019, with 1.14%.

The nominee also spoke of lowering interest rates and inflation. He cited public banks such as Caixa Econômica Federal, Banco do Brasil and BNB, that these will not be privatized.

Lula also mentioned Petrobras’ shareholding policy, stating that control of the state-owned company will be elected if he is elected.

“We are going to take control of Petrobras, because Petrobras cannot give money to the United States to the detriment of the price of gasoline, the price of diesel oil and the price of gas”,u.

The PT spoke about the gas voucher being implemented by the federal government, suggesting the high prices of the product, cooking gas should be part of the basic base.

Lula’s Agenda in Paraíba

The PT’s program in the city of Paraíba began in the morning, with a meeting with religious leaders.

The agenda of Lula or the capital, João Pessoa, was changed to Campina Grande, but the political act took place in its origin that formalized support for the candidacy of Senator Veneziano Vital do Rêgo (MDB) to place governor of Rêgo (MDB).

What is the 2022 Election date?

The first round of achievements will not be held October 2nd, a Sunday. The second round – if necessary – will be played on October 30, also a Sunday.

See the order of choice in the electronic ballot box in Election 2022

  1. Congressman (four digits)

  2. state deputy (five digits)

  3. senator (three digits)

  4. Governor (two digits)

  5. President (two digits)

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