‘Prey’ Changes Hollywood With Its Comanche Depiction

To see: prey producer Jhane Myers in Native American representation

prey Producer Jhane Myers says the film’s depiction of Native Americans has the potential to ‘shift the Hollywood paradigm’ around depictions of Native Americans.

The producer, who has worked on numerous projects involving Native American characters, praised the representation of both sides of the camera in the new predator movie.

Directed by 10 Cloverfield Lane filmmaker Dan Trachtenberg, the film is set in the 1700s and follows a tribe of Comanche hunters who must defend themselves after the arrival of a Predator.

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Legion Star Amber Midthunder, who is a member of the Fort Peck Sioux Tribe, leads the cast as Naru, an axe-wielding young woman looking to prove that she is as capable a hunter as men.

prey was filmed in both English and Comanche, with streaming services set to stream both languages ​​of the film – a source of pride for Myers.

“This is the first time a new movie has been made in a native language,” she told Yahoo.

prey producer Jhane Myers and star Amber Midthunder are at the center of the film’s representation of Native Americans. (WireImage)

She added, “So I think it changes the Hollywood paradigm when they think about native content and shows that it can be done and it can be done on a massive scale.”

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Despite the presence of dozens of native actors in the cast, it’s notable that the person in the director’s chair is a white male – something Myers had no doubts about.

She said, “When I read the script and when I interviewed Dan and talked to Dan, Dan’s heart is in the right place.

“It doesn’t matter that he’s not Native because predominantly the entire cast is Native American.”

Amber Midthunder plays the Comanche hunter Naru in Prey.  (20th century studios)

Amber Midthunder plays the Comanche hunter Naru in prey. (20th century studios)

Myers also said that many of the Native American crew members working behind the scenes got their first chance with the film and are now still working in the industry.

“When people think of natives, we’re always in front of the camera, but here you have a native producer and we had an internship program so that in every department there were natives,” she said.

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Myers added: “In each section [of the production], we had natives, so it was very practical with the natives. Dan had this vision and then he had the brilliance to let us fulfill it.”

Franchises like predatorof course, come with built-in fanbases that have their own opinions on the direction of these franchises, but Myers thinks fans will love it. prey.

Dakota Beavers and Amber Midthunder play Comanche warriors in Prey.  (20th century studios)

Dakota Beavers and Amber Midthunder play Comanche warriors in prey. (20th century studios)

“I grew up watching predator movies and the first one was my favorite action-adventure ever. This one, to me, is a lot like the first one because it’s just scaled down and doesn’t have all those bells and whistles,” the producer said.

She added, “I don’t care how other films perform because this one is built like it’s an independent film.

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“It’s a franchise, but you don’t have to have the experience of watching another predator film to achieve this. I think if you watch this it will make you want to watch others predator films.”

prey is available through the Star platform at Disney+ from August 5th.

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