‘Shameless’ fraudster posing as fashion designer to swindle nearly £34,000 arrested youth

‘Shameless’ fraudster posing as fashion designer to swindle nearly £34,000 arrested youth

Paolo Aldorasi was jailed for more than two years (Met Police)

Paolo Aldorasi was jailed for more than two years (Met Police)

A ‘shameless’ fraudster who scammed young people out of thousands of pounds has been jailed for over two years.

Career con artist Paolo Aldorasi, 39, tricked men into thinking he was a successful fashion designer before demanding they lend him money.

During the trial, the Southwark Crown Court heard how Aldosari invited young people into his expensive car and gave them pieces of clothing, before falsely claiming he had gambled all his money the night before.

He then demanded a cash loan from his victims to pay the car rental at the airport that afternoon.

Aldorasi pressured and harassed his victims before taking them to an ATM.

Some would trust they would be paid back, while others were too intimidated by him to say no, the jurors were told.

Aldorasi would then take the money and the victims would not see or hear from him again.

The series of scams began on 17 June 2020 on Kensington Road with further reports in London, Coventry and Oxford until November 2021.

Detectives received two reports after the first incident and were later able to identify Aldoorasi using the identical method, physical descriptions of him, and a phone number he had given victims that was traced back to him.

Aldorasi watching a victim at an ATM (Met Police)

Aldorasi watching a victim at an ATM (Met Police)

He was arrested in November 2020 for the London crimes and released under investigation – but went on to commit other crimes in Oxford and later Coventry.

Aldorasi’s actions became increasingly brazen after his initial arrest, and he hovered around victims as they stood near the ATM.

In one instance in Kensington in October 2021, CCTV captures the moment the victim enters £250 into the ATM – before Aldorasi leans over and punches £500.

Aldorasi was charged and detained in December 2021 to await trial.

He pleaded guilty to 15 counts of fraud for misrepresentation at Southwark Crown Court and was sentenced on Tuesday in the same court to two years and nine months in prison.

At sentencing, the judge called Aldorasi “shameless” and said he was a “trustworthy trickster” who left humiliation and misery in his wake.

The total amount of money taken was nearly £34,000, with victims handing over between £500 and £8,000 at a time.

Police Detective Christine Metz of the Midwest Command Unit said: “Aldorasi trusted the trusting nature of the victims, who were usually international students and fairly new to the country, and began their interactions in a friendly enough manner to earn their trust. . , impressing them with whimsical stories about a fictional lifestyle as a would-be fashion designer.

“That would be supported by your supply of clothing and a good car. Soon his behavior would change and the same men who were initially impressed by him would be intimidated by him and afraid of his aggression.

“His behavior was imposing and threatening and victims often feared that they would be subject to violence if they refused to help him. Aldorasi is masterful in his ability to deceive people in this way, as his offensive history shows.”

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