Summer Fridays launches first makeup product, Sheer Skin Tint – WWD

Fresh from her fourth birthday, Summer Fridays is making her first foray into makeup.

The brand is launching its first complexion product, Sheer Skin Tint, which comes in 10 shades and aims to provide consumers with light coverage and a natural finish.

“Summer Fridays is all about these hybrid products,” said Marianna Hewitt, co-founder of the brand alongside Lauren Gores Ireland. “I think Summer Fridays is really uniquely positioned to move into other beauty categories as Lauren and I started our careers as influencers.”

Infused with tiger grass, glycerin, hyaluronic acid and a variety of emollients including avocado oil and vitamin E, Sheer Skin Tint keeps the skincare-focused spirit of Summer Fridays at the forefront.

The launch follows the brand’s first SPF product in May and is symbolic of its continued aim to broaden its reach while remaining consistent in its message and mission.

“We’ve increased the cadence of our product launches, especially in the past year,” said Gores Ireland. “We are very excited to give our community a full morning and evening routine, while still being vigilant and intentional about the products we are releasing.”

Defining itself as a community-oriented brand, Summer Friday’s sought input from its own consumers and social media partners in the development of Sheer Skin Tint.

Maintaining high levels of community engagement has proven to be fruitful for the brand, which celebrated reaching over 2 million products sold earlier this year by determining the look and feel of its products.

This time, the tactic was also beneficial in helping the brand ensure its shade range was inclusive.

“We wanted to make sure that everyone would feel really good about not just the shades we offer, but also how many shades we offer,” said Hewitt. “Working with the community on this product took a lot of the guesswork out. Some of the things that we could be new to, entering a new category, helped us feel confident.”

Sheer Skin Tint will launch on August 16 on the brand’s website and at Sephora. While Hewitt and Gores Ireland did not comment on sales, industry sources estimate that the vegan, non-comedogenic product could exceed $5 million in retail sales in the first year.

Summer Fridays’ latest expansion is one of many on the brand’s horizon, for whom consumer feedback, as well as the founders’ long-standing experience receiving gifts from influencers, are the guiding lights that inform their approach to developing the brand. product.

“As a skin care brand, we are very focused on ingredients, and that will always be our focus,” said Gores Ireland, adding that she and Hewitt often discuss branching out into additional categories from hair to fragrance.

“We really like to focus on products that we know will be highly repurchased,” said Gores Ireland. “With Skin Tint, it’s something we imagine people use every day and buy again and again.”

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