The biggest winners of patch 7.31d

dota 2 Patch 7.31d has been out for over a week now and it’s time to see which heroes received the biggest increase in their win rate.

While the latest game update was mostly a rebalance patch with no major changes to the game, a number of heroes received buffs and were more successful in pubs and the pro scene.

Let’s take a look at the top five winners in dota 2 patch 7.31d:


Lina's Dota 2 illustration (Photo: Valve Software)

Lina in Dota 2 (Photo: Valve Software)

7.31d changes

Fire soul

Fiery Soul lasts significantly longer in the new update, which has worked wonders for Lina.

The hero doesn’t need to send his spells as often now to enjoy the benefits of Fiery Soul.

This is particularly useful early in the game when the hero’s mana pool is tighter.

Lina tends to put a point into Fiery Soul earlier and then focus on maxing out the other basic spells. The extra three second duration makes it easier for the hero to contest runes, run from camp to camp to farm, and be more efficient overall.

Support Lina also received a buff to her Aghanim’s Shard upgrade, which now provides 15 additional damage per stack, maxing out at 105 damage on her spells.

It’s a nice bonus for an underutilized Shard upgrade, though time will tell if it’s enough damage to justify actually buying it or simply hoping Roshan drops it for free.


Sven's illustration in Dota 2. (Photo: Valve Software)

Sven in Dota 2. (Photo: Valve Software)

7.31d changes

Right now, it looks like IceFrog has a soft spot for Sven, as this is the second patch in a row that the hero gets buffed and makes it to our list of the biggest patch winners.

Sven gained a 1.9% increase to his win rate thanks to the extra-base attack speed the hero received in Dota 2 patch 7.31d.

With the nerf to other meta loaders, Sven seems a little more attractive to choose from now.

Despite the buffs Sven received for two consecutive patches, the hero has yet to appear during the 2021-2022 Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) Summer Tour.

It looks like pro teams are still wary of picking Rogue Knight while options like Tiny and Monkey King are close by.

And despite Sven’s buffs, we don’t recommend picking the hero if you plan on playing MMR.

Sven still has a sub-48% win rate across all tracks due to his over-reliance on his Ultimate God Strength. In the current fast-paced meta, chargers with long downtimes like Sven are too risky to pick.


Lycan illustration in Dota 2 (Photo: Valve Software)

Lycan in Dota 2 (Photo: Valve Software)

7.31d changes


Lycan gained a 2.4% increase to his win rate thanks to the critical damage bonus provided by Shapeshift.

Lycan has always been great at picking up objectives and this change allows him to take down enemy heroes a little faster in combat.

In uncoordinated pub games, Lycan remains one of the most successful spam heroes to grind MMR.

Lycan can self-sustain in lane, split push effectively and remains a threat throughout the game.

Due to the Healing Salve nerf, Lycan’s ability to play solo during the laning stage makes the hero more valuable in patch 7.31d.

While other cores need to spend more gold on regeneration items or overwhelm their supports, Lycan’s Feral Impulse provides the hero with all the sustain he needs during the laning stage.

Thanks to a change to the laning stage meta and a buff to his damage, Lycan is the fourth biggest winner of the patch and currently one of the best heroes in high MMR games.


Illustration of the Alchemist in Dota 2 (Photo: Valve Software)

Alchemist in Dota 2 (Photo: Valve Software)

7.31d changes

Furious Potion

chemical fury

A five second increase in Chemical Rage’s active and cooldown time might seem like the spell stays the same, but it’s actually a solid bonus.

Most fights tend to last longer than 25 seconds, and having an extra five seconds of Chemical Rage allows Alchemist to maintain its presence much longer in big team fights.

This also means the best has a 50% uptime now, compared to 45% in previous patches.

Alchemist also benefits from the longer games being played in 7.31d.

Although the Alchemist is famous for his farming skill, he still needs several items to get online, while heroes like Monkey King and Chaos Knight are ready to fight from the start.

Thanks to longer matches, Alchemist has more time to get into fighting shape and the pros have taken note.

Alchemist has been picked seven times so far on the Summer Tour and has won five of those matches. The hero was largely ignored during the ESL One Stockholm Major and only appeared twice during the entire tournament.


Illustration of Valora the Dawnbreaker in Dota 2. (Photo: Valve Software)

Valora the Daredevil, the 121st heroine of Dota 2. (Photo: Valve Software)

7.31d changes


Solar Guardian

For the price of a force every five levels, Dawnbreaker now does significantly more damage when she crits and has a shorter downtime on her ultimate.

These two things gave the hero a 2.6% win rate boost and made Dawnbreaker the biggest winner of the patch.

A 5 strength loss at level 30 isn’t a big deal for Dawnbreaker as she still has a decent starting armor of 4 and strength gain of 3.4.

The truth is that Dawnbreaker remains as durable as ever and the small impact on your strength gain is negligible.

In return, Luminosity hits harder at all levels, which in turn means she heals a little more as well. This makes the hero and his team more difficult to take down during team fights.

It’s a small damage boost overall, but the fact that it also improves the hero’s healing makes a world of difference.

Dawnbreaker can also play more actively in Dota 2 patch 7.31d, courtesy of the cooldown buff for Solar Guardian.

This is particularly useful in pub games, where fights tend to be all over the map, and Dawnbreaker’s ability to spawn anywhere can turn the tide and win the game.

Overall, Dawnbreaker is suitable for the current meta and pros have noticed this too.

Dawnbreaker was chosen in all regions of the Summer Tour except South America. Professional teams are experimenting with the hero and also anyone who wants to MMR in 7.31d.

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