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Flying with kids can be tricky. Not only do you need to pack and manage your own cases, but you also need to negotiate the airport and plane with a child who may be sleeping, grumpy, or mischievous.

Stokke, a household name for parents for their strollers and nursery furniture, has a solution that solves many of these problems. JetKids is a small wheeled suitcase that can accommodate part of your child’s luggage, but also doubles as a flight bed.

Is it as cool as it looks? We did a thorough review to see if it’s worth the money.



Stokke Jet Kids Main Specifications:

  • Suitable for: children from 3 to 7 years old

  • Spacious interior, including space inside the lid

  • Shock absorbing wheels and front swivel wheel

  • Straps allow it to be pulled or held over an adult’s shoulder

  • Top handle for child to hold while walking

  • Protrusion for your little one’s feet

  • Size: 46 x 20 x 36 cm

  • Weight: 3kg

A mini adventure at the airport



As a tour, this is great inside the airport as there is a place for tired little legs to rest. Your child sits on top, there are footrests and a handle for them and a handle for you to pull. The front wheels swivel, so you can tackle corners with ease. If your little one is old enough for their legs to reach the ground, they can propel it themselves – but keep an eye on them: you don’t want them crashing into a duty free screen or a traveling companion!

So, you went through the departure gate and boarded the plane. What happens next? Well, JetKids is the correct size for carry-on luggage (but be careful to check with your airline as different carriers have varying restrictions), so you can either put it in the top locker or place it under the seat in front of you. .

Onboard benefits



When your child is ready to relax, there are a few ways to use JetKids in-flight. Firstly, just place it vertically in front of your child’s seat so they can rest their legs on it like a footstool.

When they’re ready for a nap, just take the cover off, pull out the mattress and open the cover to form a flat section; it sits on top of two extendable posts inside the cabinet to make it the same height as the plane seat. The mattress goes at the end of it and covers the entire area from the back of the seat to the end of the cover, offering more space for your little one to stretch out or lie down. Access to the seat belt is not impeded, so it is a safe option even in the event of turbulence.



Inside the box, there’s still enough space for some of the child’s essentials – I think a comic, books and some toys is ideal, plus a change of clothes and snacks. It’s not big enough to fit everything your child needs for the holidays, so you’ll need to factor in space in your other luggage for that.

Children’s travel becomes personal

In four pastel colors, pink, blue, beige and mint green, plus black or dark olive, your child can customize their JetKids with the included stickers, helping to make it personal. It’s not cheap at just over £150; pricey when compared to Trunki, another children’s travel bag that costs less than £45, but many prefer Stokke’s sleek aesthetic and bed-box function.




For parents and guardians, JetKids offers a useful and easy way to negotiate airport and plane travel with your child. And for them, it turns an economy seat into a first-class flying experience!

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