These are all the products Red’s beauty editors swear by for the summer

Welcome to From The Beauty Desk. Every month, the Red team will share their must-have products. Whether it’s a fail-safe skin care they’ve been buying for years or a revolutionary new discovery that has earned a valuable spot on the bathroom shelf, they’re here to recommend the products that are truly worth their money.

Sandals. tick. Sunglasses. Poolside attire. tick. Next: beauty. If you still haven’t got your hot weather repertoire right, we’re here to help. We are sharing the products that we have sworn to and will buy again and again, both for sunny days at home and for a warm vacation abroad. We’re talking about our options for glowing skin, transformative hair purchases, hard-working makeup, and innovative FPS. Plus, a luxury-worthy scent to put on your bucket list. Happy Holidays.

Eve Cameron, beauty director

La Roche-Posay Anthelios UVMune 400 Invisible Fluid SPF50+, £18

Finding a sunscreen to use every day in the summer that doesn’t clog my pores, doesn’t leave a white cast, doesn’t get sticky or pill under my makeup is a challenge, but I have a few that I use in rotation. This is one of them. It contains a new filter that protects the skin even better from harmful UVA rays and is so lightweight it’s a joy to use. I apply it over my serum or sometimes over a moisturizer if my skin is dry.

Sun Lite Legology, £38

I’m not good with self-tanner, mainly because I tend to apply it in a panic the day before exposing my pasty, veined legs. For me, Sun-Lite is a much better option. From a brand founded by former beauty journalist Kate Shapland, it’s a washable shade that gives an instant, smooth touch of tan color with subtle iridescence. The effect is enough to even out the skin tone and make it a little bright and luminous, but not shiny. The addition of caffeine helps fight bloating – useful in the heat.

Alexandra Friend, Senior Beauty Editor

Supergoop (Re)definition 100% Mineral Powder SPF 30, £28

I already know that this will be one of my products of the year. It’s an incredibly transparent SPF30 sunscreen in the form of a translucent face powder, for use on bare skin or over makeup. It gives a flattering semi-matte finish and, unlike some powders, doesn’t look dry at all.

On clear days, I put another SPF product underneath: an SPF serum or lotion first, then my makeup, then Supergoop. If it’s not that shiny, or if I’m not out for a long time, I’ll wear it myself. It’s small enough to carry in my bag and great for touch-ups on the go.

Byredo Vanille Antique, £235

Bryedo perfume is worn by some of the nicest women I know. So, if you still haven’t found “the one”, it’s worth looking for the brand’s perfumes. I just switched to Vanille Antique from their Night Veils line, which offers a smoky touch of beauty. You get vanilla in its most earthy, raw, and least sugary form. There’s no denying it’s expensive, but this is the kind of scent that makes it hard to stop sniffing your own wrist. It also lasts all day and even into the night.

Fleur Fruzza, beauty editor

Dolce & Gabbana Solar Glow Radiance Universal drops at sunrise, £38

As much as I love a tanned face, I’m striving to expose mine to as little UV as possible and I’m finding that the makeup/skin care hybrid is really helping me resist temptation. When worn over SPF, these non-shimmering vitamin E-infused drops give skin a natural holiday glow without sun exposure. The pretty packaging and the fact that it smells like a vacation is a bonus.

L’Oreal Professionel Tecni.ART Beach Waves, £16.50

The beach is where my fine hair stands out – a little moisture and salt water works wonders for its volume and I’m always trying to replicate the effect. Unlike some texturizing sprays, this one, which contains sea salt, never gets crunchy or sticky and is easy on fine hair, leaving it feeling light and smooth. It’s the closest I come to reality.

Anna Lao-Kaim, Interim Beauty Editor

Christophe Robin Moisturizing Scrub, £34

“Exfoliate” and “soothing” aren’t two words you would normally put together in the beauty lexicon, but they are apt descriptions for this aloe-vera-based scalp scrub. A little worked on a hot summer scalp after a day in the sun looks heavenly – add water to work into a cleansing lather and leave on for five minutes before rinsing and washing as usual. It eliminates itchiness and helps moisturize the lengths as well.

January Sun Cream Hummingbird Elasti, from £20

If you prefer a subtle and functional body lotion, look away now. The scent of tropical flowers practically explodes from the lid of this little pink pot as soon as you open it; Smoothing this vegetable oil-rich cream over your limbs negates the need for an independent holiday fragrance. A little goes a long way in terms of hydration too, but the texture is beautifully light.

Phoebe Lee, beauty writer

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser, £31

While I tend to wear less makeup in the summer months, I find I need my cleanser to work harder than ever. Multiple layers of FPS and a busy ride mean it has to blot out any traces of makeup and perspiration, all without stripping my skin. An impossible feat? Not when this cleaner comes into play. It’s a lightweight gel texture that, when it meets water, emulsifies into a frothy milk that melts makeup for satisfyingly clean, hydrated skin.

Charlotte Tilbury Quick & Easy Makeup in Pretty Fresh, £55

My approach to summer makeup is decidedly laissez-faire – anything I can scribble, buff or blend with my fingers piques my interest. Unsurprisingly, I love Charlotte Tilbury’s newest release: three miniature cream wands that fit neatly into a box. There’s a buttery eyeshadow to define the eyes, a double lipstick and lipstick that adds color and shine, and a matte highlighter that adds a subtle glow to the cheeks. All are refillable and there are five shades to choose from depending on the look you’re after. My go-to is “Pretty Fresh” for a flattering rosy glow.

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