Top three counters for Visage in patch 7.31d

Several weeks later, Visage emerged as the most dangerous hero in the world. dota 2 patch 7.31d.

With the highest win rate among all heroes in Legend and Ancient Bracket and second highest in Immortal games behind Chen, it seems likely that you’ll encounter a Visage quite often.

While Visage isn’t picked in every game, the fact that he’s one of the strongest heroes in this patch, with a win rate above 55%, makes it worth learning how to fight him.

It might be difficult to beat Visage right now, but the heroes listed in this article have the best chance of doing so.


Lycan’s strong lane and high damage make him the ideal pub stooge. (Photo: Valve Software)

The hero closest to beating Visage at his own game is Lycan.

The hero has nearly the same amount of build damage with a top lane stage, more maneuverability, and less reliance on summons.

Lycan can play solo during the early game thanks to Feral Impulse’s health regen bonus, which allows his lane partner to spin around the map and open up space.

By comparison, Visage is quite weak in the lane stage and needs level 6 to go online. Lycan independence allows its allies to focus on killing Visage from the start.

In addition to being the strongest laner, Lycan is also very difficult for Visage to deal with in the other stages of the game.

Shapeshift provides maximum movement speed for Lycan and all of his summons, allowing him to isolate and kill Visage in fights.

Lycan can also split its summon to make it impossible for Visage to stun everyone with their Familiars.

While Visage is one of the best heroes at tearing down buildings in dota 2 patch 7.31d, Lycan is no slouch in that department either.

Both heroes play important roles in the ‘Zoo’ metagame, a style of play that uses various summoned units along with Helm of the Overlord to take down objectives quickly.

If Lycan manages to farm more than Visage, he can simply tear down buildings before him and win the game before his teammate comes online.

It’s hard to beat Visage at his own game, but if you want to try, Lycan is the best hero for the job.

Winter Wyvern

Illustration for Winter Wyvern, one of Visage's desks.  (Photo: Valve Software)

It’s time for Winter Wyvern to shine, especially if there’s a Visage on the other team. (Photo: Valve Software)

While most supports can only flee in fear of Visage and his army of flying gargoyles, Winter Wyvern isn’t one of them.

Auroth is one of the best heroes at stalling attacks, nullifying enemy physical damage, and punishing the Zoo meta.

Most of Visage’s damage comes from her summon, which deals physical damage. While Visage does decent magic damage thanks to Soul Assumption, the vast majority of its damage is still physical – which is perfect for Winter Wyvern, as Cold Embrace is able to negate most of Visage’s damage.

In addition to its damage mitigation, Winter Wyvern is capable of stopping enemy knockback, due to Splinter Blast’s long cast range and damage to multiple units.

It’s not enough to stop Visage with just one cast of the spell, but several Splinter Blasts should be enough to stop Visage from taking turrets early in the game.

But the most important spell to combat Visage in Auroth’s arsenal is the Winter’s Curse. The hero’s ultimate forces all enemies to target one of their allies and attack them for a few seconds.

Winter’s Curse is amazing against Zoo meta-heroes, and Visage is no exception.

Players can use Winter’s Curse on any enemy hero surrounded by Visage’s creeps or on Visage itself, and watch as the enemies separate.


Ax is the only reinforcement this army needs.  (Source: Valve)

Ax is the only reinforcement this army needs. (Photo: Valve Software)

Finally, the best counter for Visage in dota 2 patch 7.31d is none other than Axe.

The hero is one of the few who can take all the damage that comes out of Visage and use it to his advantage.

The best way to activate Counter Helix is ​​to have multiple heroes hitting Axe, or at least some high attack speed enemies, and Visage brings both.

Familiars have high attack speed and Visage players often buff them with Drums of Resistance.

Let’s not forget, Ax is one of the few heroes in dota 2 which can redirect an enemy to focus on him thanks to Berserker’s Call.

The skill also gives Ax 25 bonus armor, which is more than enough to withstand all of Visage’s physical damage. Also, it has good synergy with Blade Mail and Counter Helix.

Meanwhile, an underrated item against all Zoo Meta heroes is the Crimson Guard. Greatly reduces damage from summons and protects heroes and buildings.

Ax naturally builds Vanguard and can upgrade it when the hero is caught up against Visage.

As long as he gets his Blink Dagger early in the game, Ax is the best counter to Visage and worth picking offlane.

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