Ukrainian artist Floweirdy creates wartime beauty – WWD

Ukrainian artist Floweirdy creates wartime beauty – WWD

Although her native Ukraine remains war-torn, the artist known as Floweirdy is creating unexpected beauty for the world.

The Ukrainian talent, whose real name is Litovka, has teamed up with Ukrainian clothing brand Sleeper for its latest advertising campaign. Adept at reconsidering modern fashion and creating elegiac shoes made from flowers, fruits, vegetables and other unexpected finds like lollipops, medical masks and chestnut shells, she did just that for the dreamy images.

As one of the more than 7.7 million people who have left their homes in Ukraine since the Russian invasion began in late February, she said her departure was so hurried that she left behind an unmade bed and daffodils blooming on her windowsill. . “It’s like something unfinished – an old life forcibly left behind. They are dreams and broken plans for the day and for life,” she said.

Despite uprooting her life in Ukraine to move to Spain, she said: “My heart is in Ukraine. It is impossible to deal with it and it is impossible to run away from it.”

His preference now is to stay at home while absorbing the pain of his “great home, Ukraine”. After Russian soldiers invaded, she became disillusioned with the beauty, which “began to seem irrelevant, unimportant, and little savior”. Dreaming of being able to make magical shoes that “keep all Ukrainian women and children safe”, Litovka said, “Unfortunately, all I can do is make beautiful shoes.”

Ukrainian artist Floweirdy creates beauty in

A pair of shoes created by the artist with whipped cream.
Photo courtesy bedroom

Feeling like an artist since childhood, Litovka said: “I don’t think it’s a job. I like to do that and be in. It is better to describe it from the outside.”

As resigned as this may sound, the artist explained: “At the same time, I realized that little remains unchanged. But beauty has gone nowhere, although now I feel blind. I will try to see him again and raise him, even through tears.”

Ukrainian artist Floweirdy creates beauty in

The campaign’s stylist, Ira Lan, also served as a model and muse.

Sleeper approached Litovka, who majored in design at the Faculty of Art, about the project. Inclined to admire simple things that can provoke a poetic response, the artist said: “Love makes them come alive”. That sunny outlook hasn’t been evident in recent months for Litovka, who needed to be persuaded to collaborate with Sleeper.

Inspired and encouraged to “at least try” by their stylist friend Ira Lan, they teamed up with Lan serving as stylist, model and muse. Despite being in different countries, they managed to find the inspiration to see and create beauty again.

With the Sleeper campaign, Litovka tried to create safe and beautiful dreams. This required red cabbage heads, wildflowers, whipped cream and other unexpected touches. “May it be a strange, better world, as the Chinese philosopher Chuang Tzu said, where you are a wonderful, carefree butterfly that dreams of being you,” she said.

Ukrainian artist Floweirdy creates beauty in

Floweirdy envisioned a linen picnic dress covered in pansies with Sleeper.
Photo courtesy bedroom

Art is both a buzzword and a superpower, “it’s an act of empathy. It unites people and makes them human, unlike war, which divides and dehumanizes. Art and Ukraine will win,” she said. “I don’t think art should change the way people see the world. I think if people change, they can find happiness and create beauty.”

Right now, there’s nowhere she sells ready-to-wear designs. She creates what she likes and art for those who contact her, as long as she is inspired by the proposal. Overall, she is mostly inspired by people and enjoys seeing what types of beauty they choose for themselves and finding out why they do so. “I like the randomness of the moments and the images.”


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