Video Doorbell Deals for Amazon Prime Day 2022

Our homes are our castles and must be protected at all costs – but luckily for us, in July, home security is about to get much more accessible.

Yes, that’s right – internet giant Amazon is about to kick off its annual Prime Day sale. Scroll down for more information about this year’s mega event, how to get the best deals, and why Amazon’s Ring Video doorbell should be at the top of your shopping list.

When does Amazon Prime Day end?

This year’s bargain starts at Tuesday, July 12 and ends at 11:59 pm Wednesday 13th of July with millions of harvest-ready products with sensationally reduced PRRs.

You might think there’s plenty of time to do your shopping, but there’s not a minute to waste.

What kind of offers are available?

With the two main types of businesses that Amazon operates throughout the event, there isn’t a second to spare. Flash deals are where you’ll find the hottest and most sought after deals, often at prices that will have you rubbing your eyes in disbelief. The trick is to move fast (they are usually valid for a few hours) and pack them quickly because regret is a terrible thing. Once they’re gone – they’re gone.

Daily Deals, or Deals of the Day, are less exciting but still packed with amazing deals. The sale prices will remain valid for approximately 24 hours, giving you more time to reflect on your purchase. However, they are often also available in limited quantities, so don’t take too long to think about it. By the time you’re ready to buy, it might be too late.

Then there are offers that span the entire duration of the Prime Day event.

What ring video doorbell deals were there last year?

Amazon’s own-brand technology is among the best deals for Amazon Prime Day, and the Ring Video doorbell, as one of the latest inventions, is at the top of demand. There were usually about 50 percent off those door answering gadgets that are so easy to install, even the biggest DIY phobia (hello) can overwhelm you.

What does the Ring Video Doorbell do?

Camera doorbell connects to an app on your phone, allowing you to track guests, delivery people, expected visitors and more. You can see and talk to them through the device’s speaker if you can’t or don’t want to go to the door. There’s motion detection and color night vision in the latest design, the Ring Pro 2 video doorbell. With flexible working now common, you’ll never miss a package again whether you’re in the office or in a meeting.

Trimming a Ring doorbell with a compatible device like an Echo is a great first step to upgrading your home the smart way.

What are this year’s offerings?

As you’d expect, Amazon is keeping a tight lid on its Prime Day deals, but it threw us a tempting carrot. The giant hinted up to 60% off Amazon Devices, and named its Ring home security devices specifically. Get ready for breathtaking bargains.

Do you need a Prime account to get the deals?

Amazon runs this sale to thank Prime subscribers, so if you want to check out the discounts, you must have a Prime account.

In addition to saving on millions of products and getting free next-day delivery options (even same-day delivery in some cities – now that’s customer service), membership opens the door to a world of online storage, entertainment and content. , from the latest Prime Video TV shows to your favorite albums through Amazon Music. Read books and magazines as part of your subscription, connect to the latest games on Twitch, and save your most treasured memories online with Amazon’s Image Storage, freeing up space on your devices.

Amazon has even partnered with companies like Deliveroo and National Express to offer even more perks to Prime members.

All this for a mere £79 a year, or £7.99 a month (although monthly payments are a little more expensive). No need to pay upfront: Amazon offers up to a month free trial to try membership by size. And if you’re a student, it’s just £3.99 a year, half price. It’s a no-brainer.

Sign up for Amazon Prime here

Wired Video Doorbell + Amazon Plug-in Adapter + Echo Show 5 (2nd Gen – Version 2021, White)

While you can get your hands on a plain old-fashioned ring doorbell, the best thing about getting Amazon’s own-brand tech is that it’ll release amazing packages, like this one.

For a mere £45.99 you’ll not only get the doorbell, but an Amazon Echo Show 5 and an Amazon plug-in adapter too. That means you can set notifications to be received on your phone or by the Echo, while the adapter means you won’t run out of power at the critical moment – say, your Friday night Deliveroo order.

For us, this business is the smartest way to shop, especially in 66% off.

It was: £134.98.

Buy now £45.99, Amazon

ES Best Choices in Ring Video Doorbell Packages

Wired video doorbell + Amazon plug-in adapter + Echo Show 5 (2nd Gen – 2021 version, white) – cost: £134.98, now: £45.99

Wired Video Doorbell + Ring Plug-in Adapter (2nd Generation) + Echo Show 5 | 2nd generation (2021 version) – was: £134.98, now: £45.99

Satin Nickel Video Doorbell + Echo Dot (4th Gen) – Was: £139.98, Now: £59.99

Ring Stick Up Cam Plug-in Black + Echo Show 5 | 2nd generation (2021 version) in coal – was: £164.98, now: £59.99

Ring Video Venetian Bronze Doorbell + Echo Show 5 | 2nd generation (2021 version) – Was: £164.98, now: £59.99

Wired Video Doorbell + Ring Plug-in Adapter (2nd Gen) + Echo Dot (4th Gen) – Was: £120.97, Now: £45.99

2x Ring Stick Up Camera Plug-In + Echo Show 5 (2nd Gen) – Was: £254.97, Now: £109.98

Ring Alarm (2nd Generation) 11 Piece Kit + Amazon Outdoor Alarm Siren & Indoor Camera – Was: £459.92, Now: £279.99

ES Best Choices in Ring Video Doorbell Deals

Amazon Video Doorbell – Was: £89.99, Now: £59.99

Amazon Wired Video Doorbell – Was: £49.99, Now: £35.99

Amazon’s Ring Video Doorbell 4 – Was: £179.99, Now: £129.99

Amazon’s Ring Video Doorbell 3 – Was: £159.99, Now: £124.99

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