Why ‘The Railway Children Return’ is relevant in 2022

Watch: Jenny Agutter shares why The Return of the Railroad Children is still relevant

children’s classic The Railway Children now has a sequel: The Return of the Railroad Children, in theaters Friday, July 15th. It’s a new story, a new cast and a familiar face with Jenny Agutter reprising her role of Bobbie from the original 1970 film.

Agutter, 69, told Yahoo that the World War II scenario The Return of the Railroad Children it’s more than just a sequel: it’s a movie for now.

“To be able to look back, to look back to 1905 [when E Nesbit’s The Railway Children was originally published]pre-World War I and then bringing it into World War II allows you to see how the world has changed,” she explained.

The Return of Railway Children (Studiocanal)

Sheridan Smith and Jenny Agutter in The Return of the Railroad Children. (Studiochannel)

“It is important today to see how we move forward, but we are still hugely affected by these two wars and we are affected by the war again today. It’s a different era and it allows us to bring all these different periods together.”

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Like the original, the film is set in the Yorkshire countryside, but the action shifts to World War II, with three young Salford evacuees finding a new home with the local director. The children discover a fugitive soldier hiding in the local train yard and, discovering that he has been falsely accused of cowardice, they decide to fix things and help him return home.

Watch a trailer for The Return of the Railroad Children

And while the film speaks volumes to today’s audiences, there are numerous references to the original that will please anyone who has seen it. Agutter’s co-star John Bradley, who plays the local stationmaster, believes the film works equally well on both levels.

“We tried to pay homage, but we also tried to update it to make it relevant for 2022. War of Thrones added star.

“The script has a lightness of touch where those references are there if you know the original, but it’s not necessarily a prerequisite to getting something out of this movie. We hope it makes people come back and watch the original again, but this one stands out perfectly as a movie.”

The Return of Railway Children (Studiocanal)

John Bradley in The Return of the Railroad Children. (Studiochannel)

These references extend to some of the real characters – Agutter’s Bobbie is now a mother and grandmother, Bradley’s Perks is the grandson of the original stationmaster, played in 1970 by Bernard Cribbins, and Tom Courtenay plays a kind-hearted uncle whose role echoes The Old Gentleman (William Mervyn) who waved to the kids on the train over 50 years ago.

It was a role the veteran actor was more than happy to take on. “They just wanted a nice, kind guy who was political and it worked. I loved being in it.”

Filming of The Railway Children at Oakworth in West Yorkshire.  Actor Bernard Cribbins with actresses Sally Thomsett (left) and Jenny Agutter.  (Photo by PA Images via Getty Images)

Bernard Cribbins with Sally Thomsett (left) and Jenny Agutter on the 1970 set The Railway Children. (Photo by PA Images via Getty Images)

Bradley, on the other hand, used Cribbins’ performance in the original as inspiration for his own. “Bernard’s performance in the original is one of the most moving, touching and relatable acting pieces I’ve ever seen,” he recalled.

“It’s about using that as a model and seeing what traits I could take from this character to make a new generation of the Perks family.”

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The Return of the Railroad Children it also stars Sheridan Smith, Beau Gadson, Austin Haynes and KJ Aikens. The original version of The Railway Children was released in 1970. Based on E Nesbit’s 1905 children’s classic, it was actor Lionel Jeffries’ directorial debut, and starred Agutter, Bernard Cribbins, Dinah Sheridan, Sally Tomsett, Ian Cutherbertson and William Mervyn. .

The Return of the Railroad Children opens in theaters on July 15. Watch a clip below.

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