“With or without legends, we are Spain, we always compete”

Madrid, Aug 6 (EFE).- The player Joel Parra, consecrated this season as the best young player of the Spanish Endesa League, sueña is days with the selected ones of the coach Sergio Scariolo, to represent Spain in the next Eurobasket, in what he predicts that It will be a competitive equipment from which in recent times hayan said adiós something of the most emblematic players of the national team.

“We have the 22-year-old Joventut Badalona player, in a team with the EFE Agency, in which he recalled that after the interview, the selection has talent lost in the last retreats, the equipment always on the face of the great competitions.

Asked about the role of FIBA’s sixth favorite in Spain in the next Eurobasket, I read the important thing: “It’s only a classification, the field will send us to the place where we tend to be, let’s hope it goes higher, but we’ll always competing as Spain and fighting at the maximum, with the illusion of all the years”.

“Presión no hay, let’s go with many ganas, we must go with the maxima ilusión posible”, said the canterano de la Penya, concentrating his days in Madrid with the national team to prepare the European tournament that starts on September 1, in what he trusts to be present, which would mean his debut as an absolute international in a big tournament.

The barcelonian proved to be more deluded to be on the definitive list, even though he was subject to “what I decided Scariolo” and focused on “enjoying and competing” these days with his teammates. “I have the illusion and the ambition to try to win me a puesto”, admitted the alero.

On the side of what finally happened with him, I wanted to give thanks for the opportunity that the Italian coach had given him: “I’m very grateful, I’m very proud of the opportunity. I come with the mentality of enjoying the maximum, both within como fuera de la pista”, said.

“I want to take advantage of every minute I can, and learn about all the more veterans, like Rudy (Fernández), (Sergio) Llull, Quino (Colom), Juancho o Willy (Hernangómez)” relates one of the great promises of Spanish baloncesto, which we consider it an “honor” to share the locker room with players of such quality.

“What is said about ‘the family’ is totally safe, since the first day the veterans have welcomed us very well to the new ones, and they try to do as much as possible so that we are comfortable” Parra told Efe about their integration and coexistence with the group.

A team of players that the Catalan player brings together the mix between the “energy, strength, courage and descaro” that bring young people as they are, and the “experience” and “tranquility” that veterans convey.

Also commented on the good moment that crossed the Joventut de Badalona that, in a great campaign, made that this year it is located in the noble zone of the Spanish baloncesto. “The club is growing more and more each year that passes and we want to compete as we have this year, with the mismas ganas y ambitions”.

At the Catalan club, you are aware that you have seen a “muy bueno” year, that is, “it shouldn’t be an excuse to go down in the season that viene”.

On a more personal level, Parra also took the opportunity to thank “the family, friends, companions, trainers and technical staff of the club” for the award as the best youth in the ACB, described by him as “a very beautiful prize” that he will remember “with much” cariño”, the fruit of this stratospheric season.

Finally, Joel Parra revealed what continues to be his great sueño as a professional: “Winning a title would be good, it’s sea with the selection, or with the club”.

David Villen Morales

(c) EFE Agency

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